Wednesday 18 April 2018

A long overdue update

August 2015 was the last time I posted here.... almost 3 years ago!
I finally got the shed to the point (after 4 years!) where everything could be moved into it back at the start of this year.  The layout has continued to evolve, but here are some pictures from the end of my Christmas break after the final push to finally get the pile of boxes out of the spare room in the house and into the shed so that we could accommodate some visiting relatives.

Unfortunately, I managed to get it to a point of near completion a couple of weeks before a massive spike in work that has me travelling a lot.  If only it had an accompanying spike in pay!

One of the big things that I am happiest about though is being able to have a space where I can leave my printer set up.  I haven't had much of a chance over the last 3+ years to set it up and tune it to where I'd like it.  I still don't have the time to get it tuned in properly at the moment, but having the space means I can let it run on jobs without disturbing the house or risking enquiring little fingers.

Before I took off on this most recent trip, I printed one of the ruined houses from 3d-print-terrain's Normandy Range.  This company is the result Jens from Najelwitz Modellbau moving from resin terrain to 3d files.

I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out.  It's scaled for 1:72 / 20mm.

I'll need to try to get some paint on it over the next couple of weeks.  Unfortunately I didn't get pictures taken of the rubble piles and ruined internal level that are part of it. 
I'd like to hope that I blog a bit more in the coming months - we'll see....