Thursday 28 October 2010

Force-on-Force Primer Available

The guys over at Ambush Alley have released the Force-on-Force Primer - a series of 6 scenarios for Force-on-Force that you can play interlinked as a campaign, by Piers Brand.

The scenarios are all generic and have examples of how they could be played both for WW2 and the modern era.

And it's all for the princely sum of......FREE!!

Wednesday 20 October 2010

6mm Napoleonic Skirmish - Awesome!

Check out this fantastic 6mm game of Songs of Drums and Shakos!
Tiny but looks great!
tempting.....very tempting......

Monday 11 October 2010

Reporters on the scene

Finally picked up a paintbrush for the first time in a LONG time on Saturday night.
I finished off painting the VC squad I had on the go.  I'll put them up after they've been based.
The other item I decided to spend some time on was this Reporter and Cameraman from Irregular's Riot range.
I haven't painted eyes for quite a while, so I'll need to go back and fix them up so that they look a little less "Coraline".
Pretty happy with how these turned out, nonetheless.  Just needs a little static grass, I think.  I say "I think", because I've never actually done anything more than add sand to bases.  Time to break out of my shell!

Monday 4 October 2010

Ambush Alley ceases AA & FoF Sales

Ambush Alley has just ceased the on-line sale of their Force on Force and Ambush Alley rules, and related material.  This was a condition of the new Osprey deal, which will see both of these published by Osprey (as a single tome) next year.
At the moment from the AA website, all you can pick up is Ambush Z and the Tomorrow War pre-release.

Before they shut up shop on all things AA/FoF, I picked up a copy of each of the scenario packs they'd published to date:
  • Three Block War
  • Art of War
  • Indian Country
  • Hawks and Wolves
I have to say these have some great scenarios, and they've got me hooked again.

I just have to find the time to get back behind a paint brush again.  I still haven't finished that section/squad of Main Force VC, and all that's needed to get them over the line is some black paint and a drybrush of gunmetal on their weapons!
This week for sure!!!