Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Irregular Riot Range

While we're looking at moderns, here is a novel range from Irregular; their Riot range.
There's even a set of rules and they sell packs with rioting figures from different periods and the rules together.  I have never seen the rules, but here are the specific Riot figures:

SIR3 - Base of two mounted police (one base per code)

SIR2 - Base of two policemen (two bases per code)

SIR1 - Base of two rioters (two bases per code)

SIR4 - Reporter (2 per code) and SIR5 Camera Crew (2 per code)

I have a few ideas for these figures in the back of my mind that will hopefully (one day) see fruition...


  1. The rioters all seem to be wearing trench coats!

    1. Yes Rioters or Goths! :)
      Actually the second from left is definitely not in a trench coat.
      As with many of the Irregular sculpts I reckon you would be able to achieve quite a bit of variety in look via careful application of paint.
      My only disappointment here is that the figures just seem to be standing around. The 15mm Riot range are more animated, with bricks, etc ready to throw.

  2. I sort of wish the reporter looked a little different. I would like him to look like he is reporting from some battle front, rather from some first world urban area.

    1. Agreed. My intent was to use them in some scenarios for Iraq and Afghanistan.
      They probably fit nicely into the premise of the Riot range, but aren't a good match for what I want.
      I reckon that I might be able to re-purpose one of the rioters or the modern civilian code figures to be the figure that I want. Second from left is looking good again.

  3. The reporter painted up better than expected. Someday, I'll put a picture of him and his camera team up on my blog.