Wednesday, 4 March 2009

2009 - Year of 15mm

Last year saw a lot of focus on the 6mm space here at TMM.
Given that Ambush Alley are launching their Force on Force soon, and I've just ordered a whole heap of 15mm stuff from Peter Pig, I thought I'd declare it;

2009 - The Year of 15mm!

My big focus for this year is going to be pulling together and painting everything for Day of the Ranger scenarios. Painted figures, civilians, technicals, HMMWVs, buildings, arms caches, etc. A really nice looking table hopefully?

I'm also keen on doing some stuff for Under a Black Flag; in particular I'd like to do a scenario around the storming of an ocean-going vessel. One section of Keith Fennell's Warrior Brothers describes an SAS patrol embedded with the Navy patrolling Australian waters and the storming of an illegal fishing vessel.
The boat is going to be a difficult terrain piece.
Damn! Looks like Shawn has beaten me to it over at the AA forums....

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