Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Heroics & Ros Modern Germans

So I picked up one of the M8 Modern German Infantry codes in my last order from Heroics and Ros.  The main reason was to attempt to find suitable figures for my Malvinas Argentine forces.  The H&R WW2 US troops are a little to stiff and parade ground for what I want, and the M1 Modern US all have packs, which appears to have not been common at all in the Argentine forces on the islands.

The pack I received had some pretty bad flash which I've attempted to quickly clean up for the pics, but you can still see traces.  I have no idea how long my pack may have sat on the shelves, but Andy from H&R was going to go and check the moulds, so hopefully you won't have the same experience if you purchase.

Enter the M8 Modern Germans!  (click the pics to enlarge)

First the Infantry Strip - five of these in the code.
As you can see, these have a bit more "get up and go" than the WW2 US.  A comparison pic below.
My infantry sections are made up of bases of figures from both codes.  With a strip of each I get 3 x 5 rifle bases and 2 x LMG bases.

The Modern German infantry code also has some ATGM (Milan probably) strips as per below.  3 strips per code.
Probably useful if the Cold War repelling the Soviet hordes fantasy is your thing, but basically into the bits box for me.

I really need to come up with something I can do with all the ATGM teams I've accumulated from the Brits and now the Germans...

With the pack of M8 Modern German Infantry I now have an understrength (2 platoons) infantry or marine company for the Argentines based and undercoated.  I need to pick up another pack to round out the entire company.

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  1. Sci-fi infantry with bigger weapons/gun teams? You could use them for a cheap FUBAR or HOTT project.