Monday, 10 November 2008

ZISR Colonial Regulars

I'm back on the painting wagon again and managed to push out some of the Zumsia Intervention Sword of Resistance troops. I've painted up 3 command stands and 6 infantry stands. The only thing left to complete the two Regular units is the Mortar and Grenadier stands.

The command stands are US/ARVN commands stands from the Irregular Vietnam range. The troops are Generic Infantry Advancing in Peaked Caps and Generic Infantry Firing in Peaked Caps from the Modern range.

I was in a hurry with the pics and it appears that there may have been a hair on the lens, but you get the general idea!


  1. Like the pics, dig the new banner too.

  2. Thanks dude!
    Thought it was time for a change.

  3. they look good. I'm tempted to try out those irregulars.

  4. They have come up really well.

    Have you got a whole force picture yet?

  5. No picture yet as the whole force is not yet complete.
    I started on the mortars and grenade launchers last night. They should be definitely done this weekend. Then there's only 3 bases of infantry and 4 trucks left to do!