Sunday, 23 November 2008

Another AA game

Managed to run another game of Ambush Alley over the weekend.
Two players with myself as the umpire. We played the "Contracting Trouble" scenario from the core rules. We didn't finish the game, as it was already quite late by the time we started, but the guys seemed to enjoy the experience. The marines managed to get the contractors off the board, but the majority of the marine force was still trapped on two rooftops as the contractors exited.

Some quick shots from the game are below. I forgot to take the good camera, so these are just quick shots with the camera in my phone.

The marines were advancing up the main thoroughfare to get to the contractors, when.....

The reinforcement roll for the Insurgent player turns nasty for the Regular player as 14 insurgents (2 with support weapons) suddenly appear on the roof overlooking the contractor vehicle.
I actually ran out of figures when this occurred so two of the insurgents are actually marine figures.
Unfortunately for the insurgent player, his next firing dice looked like this (4+ is a success):

Despite the poor rolling, within a turn both marine fire teams had been forced to retreat to the cover of the buildings to tend to their wounded.

However, with all of the fire being directed at the marines further down the road, the squad leader was able to usher the contractors to safety, narrowly missing an ambush laid by two insurgents at the head of the road.

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