Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Eureka Order Part 7 - More Moderns

I also picked up a number of other moderns as part of the order.
First up I got some some modern british infantry. I wanted to see whether they were closer to the 1980s equipment, or more modern. The 80s format would have been usable for Falklands. I think these are actually 1990+, but as with most 6mm, the paint job should be able to convert between the two. I also picked up a Scorpion which could also be used as a Scimitar of the Blues and Royals on Falklands by minor modifications to the gun.

I also picked up some Afghan Infantry for possible future Afghanistan scenarios. The pictures on these don't really show up too well. I think they should paint up okay.

Finally, I also picked up some generic infantry in bush hats. These will probably get use in AK47.

Depending on how they paint I might use these or the Vietnam Australians as SEALs to crew the Heroics and Ros FAVs.

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