Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Eureka Order Part 8 - Miscellaneous

Final segment on my latest Eureka order.
I picked up some items from the 6mm civilian Range.
First up the Bazaar

I got this to use as a size reference for terrain and I also figured it slotted in well with a few scenarios I had in mind.

Secondly I picked up the 20th Century Civilians

These might become hostages in a future game.

And as the last selection from the CIV range I picked up the 20th Century Guerillas

These were destined for AK47, and will probably be used to spruce up command stands.

Finally, just to mix it up a little, I also picked up another miniature from the GZG 6mm range (Dirtside). This time it's a PkZ VII Sturmkampfer infantry walker (apparently).


  1. very nice looking blog. I'm looking forward to seeing the figures painted.

    Very nice shots too. Do you use a special set-up, camera?

  2. Thanks for the praise. I've been a bit slack on painting, but hopefully I'm back on the wagon again.
    I'm not really doing anything special on the photography front, but I'll post my "set-up" over the next week or so.