Thursday, 13 November 2008

AK47 Force Names - It's half the fun!

Part of the fun of AK47 is rolling for the force names and coming up with wacky interpretations of the words that you roll.
I had originally named my forces, but I've been looking at them again and I think I can do better.

At the moment my PPF Force is Ztumre National Workers Intervention, which is just the words themselves, and roughly in the order they were rolled. This abbreviates to ZNWI. Boring! So I've looked at the letters and come up with WINZ - The Workers Intervention for the Nation of Ztumre. Better I think.

Likewise the Colonials are currently ZISR - Zumsia Intervention Sword of Resistance. Not too bad - it's a difficult collection of words. Looking at the letters I came up with :

SIRZ Sword Intervention Resistance Zumsia
RISZ Resistance Intervention Sword Zumsia
RIZS Resistance Intervention Zumsia Sword
ZIRS Zumsia Intervention Resistance Sword

I think SIRZ is pretty good for an abbreviation for a Colonial army, but I'm stuggling with exactly how to string the words together in a meanigful way. From that perspective, ZIRS is the best option from my view. The Intervention Resistance bit suggests that it's countering the Workers Intervention, and Sword could be an organisational thing (like a batttlegroup?). Maybe I'm overthinking?

Let me know what you think.

And for more AK47 Republic naming fun, check out the excellent Ztum Setum site. I'm pretty sure they didn't roll those up, but what's the point of rules if you can't tweak them?

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  1. That site is great - something I would do too... :)

  2. Tweak Away!

    Since you already have a force called WINZ, I'd be tempted to call one LOOZ - Liberation Organization Of Zumissa (wins-lose... he he...) - Hmmmm.... maybe not for a colonial power though...

    It's so much more fun if you can come up with corny stuff like that. I have The Peoples Revolutionary Army of Timbogo (P.R.A.T) and the Federal Army of the Republic of Timbogo (F.A.R.T.). A friend was going to put together n opposing force, he rolled a Direction (North, west, etc) and some other stuff... I convinced him to tweak it to be the Western Horse Infantry of Zutu (W.H.I.Z.).

  3. Tim
    I LOVE it!
    LOOZ is so appropriate for a colonial army.
    I give you...
    the Loyal Officers Of Zumsia!

    I'm sold!
    now which army will get to be D.R.A.W.?......

  4. Brilliant!

    maybe DRAW could be from a neighboring nation the Democratic Republican Army of W........

    or it could be a regional force the Democratic Revolutionary Army of Western Zumisa...? I guess that would be DRAWZ.... close enough?