Thursday, 2 August 2012

Dux Brit Update

I received my tablet version of the TooFatLardies Dux Britanniarum rules earlier in the week, and finished have a good read through them this morning.
Looks like a bit of fun!
As a result I'm kick off a project I'm codenaming MicroDux, which will be Dux Brit in 6mm.
My original intention had been to try out some figures from Baccus 6mm, but I discovered I had incorrectly added up the costs of that solution and I don't think it's going to be workable from a budget perspective.
Given that I'm going to be ordering the final few bits for my Argentines from H&R later this month, I figure I might just try out a number of their ancients codes.


  1. Let us know when you do - I was planning a similar endeavour!

    1. Certainly will A-Historian!
      Can you keep me across any steps you take along this path?