Monday, 27 August 2012

Heroics & Ros Figures for Micro-Dux

The order of figures from Heroics and Ros for the Micro-Dux project turned up last week.  However life being what it is, last night was the first time I had a chance to get them out of the bag and start to have a look.
Pictures from four of the promising codes are below.  Click to enlarge.

MAR11 - Heavy Roman Cavalry
There are essentially two different types of strip in this code.
the first has a lone standard bearer figure.
The second is the actual cavalry strip; 3 horse per strip.
You get 7 calvary strips (and the standard bearer) per code.

MAR28 - Late Roman Light Infantry
In this code there are again two strip types.  This time you get one command strip with standards and commanders, and then 10 strips of five figures of infantry.  There are two infantry poses, three of one, two of the other per strip.
 Detailed photos of the two strip types below:

MD4 - Saxon Fyrd
In this code there are four strip types; Command , plus three infantry types.  The Command Strip has three commanders and two standards.  There are infantry with a sword and round shield, spear and a round shield, and infantry marching with a kite shield on their backs and a spear over their shoulders.
Detailed pics of the individual strip types below:
Command Strip
Sword and round shield
Marching with spear and kite shield on back (less useful for the "Arthurian" period)
Spear and sound shield

MCR11 - Welsh Infantry
Actually from the medieval period range, but as you will see below, some useful figures...
First up, the command strip; commander, musician and standard.
 The the actual Infantry Strip; two figures with spears and round shields, a javelin thrower and what appears to be two figures equipped with spears and knives or swords (? Some experts may know what this is?)
 One Command Strip and ten infantry strips per code.

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  1. About the Welsh with swords/knives. According to my (dated) memory Welsh troops in 100 years war armies were often referred to as knifemen. Really more of a short sword used in conjunction with a spear but no shield. Hung on a sling behind them when not in use allegedly giving rise to stories among the French that they had tails!

    I have a few of the figures myself, one of my favourite H&R packs.