Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Dux Bellorum Arrives

My copy of Daniel Mersey's new Arthurian game for Osprey Publishing, "Dux Bellorum", just turned up today.
Primarily I bought this publication because I am very new to this period and I thought an Osprey publication would be useful for artwork and examples.  TooFatLardies's Dux Britanniarum appears to be a good set of rules, but most of the images are diagrams to explain the rules.  I felt that Dux Bellorum would be likely to have more pictures of models and artwork from Osprey books.

I am not disappointed.  There is a fair bit of "wargamer porn" in this book, and certainly it gives me a few ideas for schemes to paint by Britons and Saxons.
Have yet to explore the rules but I probably will at some point.  In his introduction Daniel talks about a focus on command and control, so it will be interesting to see what mechanisms are used.

Coming soon, more Heroics and Ros figures in detail.....

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