Thursday, 30 October 2008

Eureka Order Part 3 - Vietnam "Free World" Forces

To accompany the VC and also because I thought they would slot in well into AK47, I also picked up a range of US and other bases that I didn't already have. At the moment I have a selection of the US/ARVN types in use for the Colonial AK47 army.
So what did I end up with?
US Green Berets

Montagnards - not sure about these. They're all in cover. See how they paint up.

Australians (or French or US) in Boonie Hats - nice looking figures.

Patrol Boat - I'm keen to have this involved in some AK47 games as well as Vietnam.

Huey - here are all the bits straightened out (but not trimmed yet). The feet for the skids are missing on the far side, so I'll need to glue a bit of sprue in place to match the side you can see. I believe the little lump on the left of the picture is one of the broken feet.

Centurion MBT - Once again dual duty for AK47 and any Vietnam War involving ANZACs

Panhard Armoured Car - Not really Vietnam related. I'm uncertain if the French used these in the French Indochina War. I'll need to check it out! Perfect for AK47.

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