Monday, 29 March 2010

1938 : A Very British Civil War

As I was prepping my order up for Maelstrom last week, I noticed that they stock 1938 A Very British Civil War.  Coupled with their shipping policy, this represents a bargain for international customers, but I had already committed all of my funds. 

For those of you who aren't aware of the this fictional Third English Civil War, it essentially exists in an alternate timeline where Edward VIII refuses to abdicate over Wallis Simpson, and the political turmoil that would have arisen from that decision.
There is a much better summary than what I could provide here.

Here is the TMP post from Solway Crafts and Miniatures for the first book:

Definitely something I want to explore in the future.
Yes!  Even more periods to game - exactly what I need!

As a final note, it appears that Maelstrom does math that does not conform to normal worldly arithmetic.  They're still significantly cheaper on a lot of things at the moment due to the strength of the AU$, but I need to follow up with them as to why there is the difference between what I end up with when I total up the costs, vs. the online shop's calculation.  It's probably some error on my part.


  1. You really need to stop branching out and actually settle on a system and build up a decent sized force.

    I keep on thinking that I'm bad, and then I look at you...

  2. The problem is I like infantry, and that means that when I'm painting units I have a lot more things to paint compared to your average tankhead.

    VBCW by the way is a setting rather than a system of rules. it's designed to be played using your favourite rules for that period, which for me would probably mean a variant of either IABSM or Force-on-Force. Possibly even Ambush Alley for some encounters between unruly mobs and the army.

    And you'll be happy to know that the first target of my Army Painter dip when it arrives will be all those Eldar.