Thursday, 15 April 2010

Flying Lead

I've been a bit behind on my Meeples and Miniatures podcast listening, so I've put the last few on my ipod as I walked the dog this week.
Last night it was Episode 62 wherein Flying Lead from Ganesha Games was discussed.

I must say I was quite interested. I've never played any of the "Songs of" games, although I've been aware of their existence. The promise of a complete game within an hour or a campaign within an evening is very tempting for my tight schedule. Also I've been looking for something light and simple to lure others to their unsuspecting doom of getting hooked on historical wargaming.

And at $8.53 for the rules, it's very tempting...
Plus it would lead Eltnot to once again accuse me of a lack of focus!!!

I'd definitely recommend listening to the podcast and the opinions therein.

So what do you think? Have you played any of the "Song of" rules? Are they a good solution for a quick, fun night's gaming?
Let me know in the comments.

I just went and bought it.  It's Friday and it cost $8.80.  What more can I say...?


  1. Hey there.

    Good to see so many posts lately. :)

    I am a big "Song of X" fan.

    I play the fantasy, Napoleonic, post-apocalyptic and now the firearms (WW2 so far) period.

    These rules are a great play. Simple to understand, uncertainties are easily resolved and games can be played in an hour.

    I recently bought Flying Lead recently as I had been waiting for it with baited breath. It looks really good. Firearms are handled quite cleanly. The vehicles are all new and I am yet to fully come to grips with them.

    That said I bought six vehicles from QRF for that very purpose! :)

    Worth noting that there are source books coming that will provide detailed stats for various periods.

    Not sure that it will give as gritty an experience as AA, but will be really enjoyable nonetheless.


    Happy to do a demo game for you too...

  2. "These rules are a great play. Simple to understand, uncertainties are easily resolved and games can be played in an hour."

    Completely agree. However, both Maff and I are underwhelmed by Flying Lead and have reverted to Mutants and Death Ray Guns.


  3. Thanks for the feedback guys!
    Sounds like it's genuinely positive and is a real option for a quick, interesting game.

    Lord Gumby
    I think I'll take you up on the offer of a demo. Next BIG or do you want to organise something separate?
    Any chance we can look at M&DRG as well as FL as per Mark's recommendation?
    Shoot me an email to discuss.

  4. Hello,

    I have tried Flying Lead and I am very pleased with it. Play in a sci-fi setting. The squad and weapons generator on the Ganesha website makes it easy to create your own weapons and vehicles.

    The rules are easy and runs smoothly. For the most part they are compatible with the other "Songs of rules".

    I do recommend them, specially if you want a quick and fun game.