Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Eureka 15mm Sci-Fi German Stormtroopers

Eureka have just released new figures for their Sci-Fi German Stormtrooper range.
These look GREAT. I have some of the original infantry in the lead pile.... might need to pick up some more....


  1. looks like somone has been watching a little too much Jin-roh/ Helghasts

  2. They certainly have the Jin-roh look to them don't they.
    I haven't seen Jin-Roh for ages! Must be in the collection somewhere.....

  3. Looking forward to using some of these myself. I can't remember who makes the 15mm German Zombies but they would make a good combination for a battle.

  4. Great idea inrepose!
    I have visions of elite troops being used to contain a zombie menace that has arisen from experiments gone wrong.
    Rebel Minis ( are probably the ones you're thinking off?