Monday, 14 June 2010

Stick to the Plan

I've come to the realisation that I've broken one of the fundamental rules I set for myself when I started this blog and got back into wargaming.
The rule i set for myself back then was that I had a set scale for given game size. Reinforced platoon or less (skirmish scale) was 15mm, company or larger was 6mm. I've failed to stick to this.
Personally I blame Flashpoint and their excellent 15mm figures. I got caught up on the bandwagon and now have a sizeable amount of 15mm figures for Vietnam. I took the opportunity to undercoat a number this week.
Bottom line is though that I don't have a lot of room at home, and with money tight, I need to stick to the plan.
This probably means some 15mm sell-off later this year, to bring myself back to something manageable, and to fund the expansion of my 6mm Vietnam War models for the Flashpoint rules and TFL's Charlie Don't Surf.
With the month of house guests coming to an end soon, I also hope to get a brush to the undercoated figures, and take some pics of some minor developments.


  1. Rather then selling your minis, you can store them. Go out to some garage sales. You can probably find an old cupboard for around $20. It doesn't have to be flash just enough to put away in a corner and store boxes of stuff waiting for you to get around to painting it.

    Having more stuff now just means having to buy less in the future.

  2. Its not stuff that I'm waiting to get around to painting. Rather it's stuff I have too much of.
    For example in 15mm I'm gaming with a maximum of a reinforced platoon sized force. I have 3 reinforced platoons of USMC for Vietnam. Two of those could really go. Like I said in the post - I got a little crazy......

  3. I suppose it's a matter of how you look at it then. For me , if I have extra it just gives me more options to change around the forces in small games and the ability to play a larger game every once in a while.

    Take my Eldar army for example. I currently have enough models to put together 60 guardians and I have another 11 coming from a Bartertown deal. I'll never use all 60 in a regular game at the moment. But in 10 years times as rules changes, I may just end up doing that. They'll also get pulled out for any apocalypse sized games that I might play.

    Whilst you don't play those size games now, rules change from time to time and new rule systems come and go, but your minis don't generally have to.