Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Okay folks, I have a bit of a problem.
I've gotten some more Heroics and Ros 6mm figures.  This time it's their modern US, that I plan to use for my 6mm vietnam project.  That's all well and good, but I need some opponents for them.
H&R don't make any VC figures.  I could try to convert their Warsaw Pact range, but that's likely to be a fair bit of work.
As far as I can tell, there are a few manufacturers who make VC and NVA in this scale:
  • Mainforce - too big
  • GHQ - too big and too expensive
  • Irregular - my usual choice, but big against the H&R.
Below is a comparison shot between H&R US infantry and some Irregular VC.  I've lifted the H&R to account for the base on the VC, and they aren't too bad:

The problem really arises with the comparison against the NVA (really Main Force VC for the most part) range from Irregular:

Not as close....
Every time I look at the second picture, my response ranges from "That's not too bad..." to "that's awful".
My budget appears to have backed me into a corner on this.


  1. If in doubt change the budget!

    If you can notice the difference beyond arms length then worry about it otherwise, bah, who will really notice...

  2. No changing the budget unfortunately.... :(
    I think you're probably right about the arm's length thing. It will show up in my pretty close-ups, but probably won't be too bad from a couple of feet.

  3. Hi,
    check here for some good ideas using H&Ros figures for Vietnam wars :

  4. Thank-you anonymous stranger!
    They don't look too bad!

  5. A convincing painting job helps ; this doesn't mean that you have to cram details on H&R Indochina figures. Also , if necessary, converting some of these tiny troops
    is easy .
    If you need better pics, just ask :-)

  6. I've just had to outlay a significant amount on keeping my rapidly aging car on the road.
    Coversion of the existing H&R figures is the only way forward.
    Also I'm going to have to scale back to reduced company sized games.

    @Anonymous - Can you drop me an email at scannablegoose at yahoo dot com to discuss the options of conversion?

  7. Hi,
    the emails bounced back ( 3 times ) with the following : This_user_doesn't_have_a_yahoo account

  8. Hmmm....
    That explains why I haven't seen any email on that account recently!
    Try scannable dot g at gmail dot com.
    Sorry about the email issues.