Monday, 13 June 2011

6mm AK47 Game

I had a quick game of AK47 Republic with by brother, Thomas, on Sunday night.

Full After Action Report has been posted to the Angel Barracks forum as part of a competition Michael was running.
Check it out there!


  1. Very nice AAR! I think you did a very good job on the terrain. I've been meaning to try AK47 with my 6mm, and now it looks like it would work well.


  2. Chris
    It totally works.
    The AK47 system is already an abstraction, so that sort of a scale shift really shouldn't cause an issue. We played the game out on a 2'x 2' board and changed the inch measurements in the rules to cm. It takes a little bit of time to get used to the shrinking of the ranges (damn! I thought my RPG would reach that far!), but both my opponent and I had it sorted by the end of the first few turns.

  3. Can't view the AAR since it is on a restricted part of the forums. Have to sign up later.