Friday, 4 May 2012

Heroics and Ros Soviet Airborne

Here's a pack I had hidden in the cupboard since last year; the M7 Soviet Airborne Troops code from Heroics and Ros.
Upon opening it, I've found some great figures which open up a number of "paint" conversion options.
This is also an interesting pack of figures as, unlike most of the rest of the H&R moderns lines, it includes heavy weapons with regular infantry.
But enough of that!  What's in the pack? (click the pics for a bigger image)

Infantry -    All sporting the padded cloth helmet.  Four strips of these.
Heavy Weapons - DShK and SPG-9 with associated crews.  2 strips of these.
Heavy Weapons - Mortar and Sniper.  2 strips of these.
Heavy Weapons - ATGM teams (AT-4 maybe?) 1 strip of these.
It's a nice balanced pack in my view and a number of the figures (especially the sniper) in my view have utility as a range of different troops in different conflicts.  Hopefully more on that in the coming weeks as I experiment with them....


  1. I have these figures as well. I am in the process of painting them and can't figure out the head covering and therefore what colour it should be. You say they are sporting a padded cloth helmet. Can you guide me to some pictures of the full size article? I cannot decide if they are the "smokey the bear" campaign hats, helmets or?

    I really appreciate your work displaying various H&R figures. I have quite a few packs myself and would be willing to add to your album(s) with some more if you would like. Thank you.


  2. Stephen
    In had interpreted it to be one of the cloth jump helmets used by the VDV. Some images from Google :
    Hope this helps

  3. I guess my reply from earlier never got through. Based on your description in the original post that is what I assumed you meant and painted mine to suit. Looking at your link it appears the "helmet's" colouring can range from khaki to darker brown or a brownish green.

    I primed/painted my figures a khaki (Krylon Camouflage khaki) which is an exact match to Testor's Model Master FS 30277 which I use for touch ups. I am pretty liberal and messy with detail colours and finish up neatening everything after the fact. I used Humbrol 187 for the helmets, which is supposed to be FS 30277 but depending on how well I mix it it generally is a shade darker. I painted mine as overall khaki Afghankas as opposed to the green with khaki blotches later in the war. I have to say my figures (30+ years old) kinda look like they are wearing berets but I went with the VDV jump helmet anyways. I think I will pick up another pair of packs and paint them in the green/khaki mix and assume they are wearing berets. Do you know if they wore them in the field?

    Thank you.