Thursday, 20 September 2012

Even more figures for MicroDux

I recently just got anther order of figures from Heroics and Ros.  For the most part, these are for other projects, but there were two codes I ordered specifically for MicroDux.

MAR10 - Late Roman Legionaries
I picked up this code, because I really wanted spear-equipped troops for my elite companion infantry, rather than the sword-equipped figures shown previously.  This code has delivered as you can see below.
Front and Back of the main infantry strip.
 Standard bearer strip.

One standard bearer strip and 10 infantry strips per code.

MAC10 - Celtic Cavalry
I picked up this code, because I've been trying to find a suitable code for light spear-equipped cavalry. I don't believe I've found that here.
One standard bearer and 7 cavalry strips per code.
Detail of the standard bearer strip
Detail of the cavalry strip

Coming up .... Irregular Miniatures figures for MicroDux


  1. I've gone the Baccus route for mine after meeting Mr Berry at Partizan. Nothing is quite right for Arthurian Britain, but my project is an alt-verse, so it's pretty much acceptable ;)

    1. Excellent A-Historian!
      make sure that you blog some pics of the figures once you get underway. I'm keen to see them.

    2. I will indeed! "Saxons" are now 1/2 done, so they should be up soon.

    3. Excellent!
      You're well ahead of me, which isn't typically hard to achieve.
      I have some basing material coming in the next week or so, so no more procrastination on my part! :)

  2. What sort of camera do you use? Your close ups are very good!

    1. Chris
      I'll put together a post on it in the near future.
      I don't have the camera with me at the moment, but it's not particularly special. It's more about learning how to use it.

  3. You may find the Ancient British cavalry a better fit for your light spear cavalry. Smaller horses (Ponies), fine spears and a long shield.