Friday 6 November 2015

Dungeon Saga Infernal Crypts contents

Time for the Infernal Crypts contents.
Basically everything was identical in many aspects to Warlord of Galahir (WG).
Unlike WG, the tiles, booklet and playsheets were all shrinkwrapped in a single bundle in my copy of Infernal Crypts.

Once again there were 3 bags of minis, two of abyssals in red plastic and one containing the figure of Drech'Nok in grey plastic, plus the card deck.
Once again we have two copies of 9 unique sculpts, plus the Drech'Nok figure.
No broken figures this time, although the Drech'Nok figure is a little underwhelming.  He's not as imposing as I would have thought, and with his wings and being positioned on the rear of his base, he has a lot of trouble staying standing up.  I may need to rebase him, or weight the base somehow.

I also had a bag of tile clips (for keeping the scenery tiles secure) in this box for some reason, along with a second bag in the Black Fortress box.  Not sure if this is standard or not.

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