Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Kickstarter Deliveries

I've been  sick for the last fortnight (including a hospital visit) with pneumonia, brought on by excessive hours at work.  While I've been recuperating, two packages arrived.

The first was the first thing I've seen from the Fairytale Games Kickstarter from mid 2013. This was a card game that was massively over successful at Kickstarter and the team involved have struggled to deliver with the pressure of such a large success.   I don't have the actual game yet, but these are the 40 miniatures that were funded as a stretch goal.

Also arriving was a package from Mantic.  These are the expansions to Dungeon Saga that I pledged for.  Unfortunately the main game is still about a month away off the coast of China. 

Mantic have done some funny things with this project and there appears to have been a number of errors in printing and shipping that I haven't seen with their previous efforts. I pulled out of the recent Warpath KS and I think that was the right call.  I'm far more interested in what M&M refer to as "Boutique Games" now anyway.  Large scale fantasy/sci-fi is of limited appeal.  I still have to paint my Deadzone figures anyway!

I'll provide some more detail on these in some future posts.

On the subject of Kickstarters, there are a number running at the moment that I'd love to be a part of, but funds are too tight.
If you do have some spare change, check out the following:
  • Panzerfauste : A revival of the old Wessex Games fantasy WW2 universe.  I've been waiting for this for about a decade, but the current UK-AU exchange rate makes this one way too hefty for me.  I'll have to try to pick up some at retail in the future. Some great models - the British Orcs are my favourites.
  • Super Dungeon Explore Legends : more chibi dungeon delving goodness.  Very impressed with my experience from dealing with this team on Forgotten King. I think  will be pledging for this as well - my kids love these figures.
  • Scythe - fantastic looking game based on the alternate interwar art of Jakub Rozalski.  Just too expensive unfortunately.  I may look to pick up the art book in the future.  I'd love to play a proper tabletop game in this setting.

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