Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Eagle Flight

My order from The Flying Mule arrived today. Very prompt service.
3 USMC Hueys:

There are a couple of reasons why I purchased these:

  1. As a pre-painted diecast, there is nothing more for me to do.  No gluing, no painting, no basing.
  2. They are comparatively cheap.   These were US$7.99.  Flying Mule also has 1/100 UH-1s with an airborne scheme as well for US$9.99.  The very nice looking (but also requiring assembly, painting, etc.) Hueys from Battlefront are AU$30 (US$28).  I bought all three of these for less than the cost of one from Battlefront.
Here is a zoom in of the helo with Irregular Modern US disembarking:

As you can see, 1:100 is actually just a little small against most 15mm (really 18mm) figures.
I have the same problem with the HMMWVs from QRF.
You can get 1:87 (HO) scale UH-1s from Flying Mule and other places as well.  I have also seen UH-1 gunships in 1:87.  I avoided 1:87 this time around because I didn't want the helo to be out of scale with other vehicles.  We'll see how it goes......

Edit: Some discussion in the comments below (notably from Geoff at QRF) indicates that I'm wrong about the scale comparison.  After a 2nd and 3rd look, I'm very happy with the scaling.


  1. "1:100 is actually just a little small against most 15mm (really 18mm) figures"

    Shouldn't be. 'True' 15mm is closer to 1:120 scale. 1:100 is actually more like 18mm. Most current 15mm figures are 15mm to the eye, so more like 16-17mm tall in total.

  2. Geoff
    I'll actually defer to you on this, as you'd be the expert! :)

    As ArmChairGeneral says, they do look pretty good.

    Part of the difference I think is the couple of extra mm for the base.

    I had a quick look (as I walked out the door to work this morning) at holding the helo level with the figures bases. Looked perfect!