Thursday, 28 January 2010

Turkey Shoot II - Revenge of the Turkeys

As mentioned previously, we replayed the Ambush Alley Turkey Shoot scenario a week later, but this time with a few modifications:
  • Marines were dropped from Recon (d10) to standard (d8).
  • No APC was taken (again).
  • An extra Hotspot was added to the table bringing the total to 5.
The table layout was also a bit tighter than previous.

In addition, this time we had two players (myself and Adam) playing the Regular fireteams, while Brad took the Insurgents again.

With two players as Regular, we opted to allow the situation where we could end up with 2 Fog Of War (one per Regular Player) per turn. 

Part way through the game, we realised that this was a bit of overkill, so we drew two assets (suggested by Insurgent commander Brad to redress the situation we'd found ourselves in) and went back to maximum of one Fog of War per turn.

The Regulars moved forward just fine to begin with.

But with the Fog of War flying thick and fast, the Marines got pinned down in the alley just beyond the target building. 

They were attacked by friendly fire (mortars and air strikes - luckily this A-10 could hit a barn door!),

3 technicals,

and a carload of insurgents.

Just when these threats appeared to have been neutralised, the Insurgents torched the target building (Fog of War "Fire! Fire!" card) , rendering the mission a failure! 

Luckily, while they had been pinned down in the alley,  a secondary mission to investigate hostages being held in the area had been radioed through.

So the Regular teams quickly set out to attempt to free them, despite now being low on ammo ("Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition" Fog of War). 

After assaulting the building, the hostages were rescued, but by this time each Marine fireteam was nursing casualties, with one man dead.

We finished the game there because we were over time, but hopefully it was a very enjoyable game for all!  Especially Brad and his team of pyromaniac Insurgents!

I'll be starting to shoot a Tin Pot Little Country comic for this engagement over the next few days.
I'll put a quick post up on this blog to let you know as the pages go up on TPLC.


  1. Great AAR, and Brad looks like a happy man :)

  2. Nice report! And very useful to see you reworking a scenario for balance/enjoyment purpose
    Though it looks like I need more buildings...

  3. @ Kobold

    Yep, he was pretty happy at the time!

  4. @ Donogh
    The good thing about the Ambush Alley Games team is that they encourage you to try to make the scenarios your own.
    The tweaks were a consensus between Brad and I after the last play through and I think that it played quite well this time.

    On the building front, yes you do need plenty of buildings for Ambush Alley, but you'll notice that most of mine are just cardboard boxes with bits of cardboard bent in an L-shape for the dividing walls.
    I'm trying to slowly put together nicer buildings, but boxes work just fine to get playing!

  5. Love the AAR.. That card "Praise the Lord..." Love that too :) Looks like a good game all around. I've not ran this Turkey Shoot without the APC before. It is a cake walk with it.

  6. Glad you enjoyed it!
    Yeah, I can't see how you'd get an enjoyable game as the Insurgent player if the LVTP-7 was on the table.
    Although i guess if you managed to knock it out as the Insurgent player, that would provide some satisfaction?

  7. Nice little AAR.

    Good to see you getting in some games.

  8. Thanks
    Brad and Adam have been very kind in indulgin me for the last couple of weekends.
    Not sure when we'll be getting in another game though.
    Work cuts into time, and wives and children need attention. :)

    Plenty more modelling and painting to be done though to be ready for the next game!