Friday, 7 January 2011

Christmas Loot

For Christmas I received some money from relatives, and that has been spent on some more 6mm - more bulletins once the figures arrive.  I've already mentioned my paints Vallejo paints as well.

I also had some money from my wife, so I immediately set about giving it to TooFatLardies.

I picked up:
  • Bag the Hun - WW2 Aerial Combat (expanded to Post War in various Specials)
  • Sharp Practice - Napoleonic Skirmish (large number of scenarios and expansions available)
  • Kiss Me Hardy - Napoleonic Naval Rules (hopefully get my Wizkids Pirates back out)
Plus I picked up a number of Specials, which amongst a whole heap of other stuff contained:
  • Summer 2004 : Up your Cara al Sol - Spanish Civil War and A Bunch of Limey Gangsters - Commandos for IABSM
  • Christmas 2005 : To Die for a Tie - Korean War for IABSM
  • Summer 2006 : What's for Afters - Pegasus Bridge scenarios, and Grabbing Mussolini's Baubles - InterWar conflicts for IABSM


  1. Sounds like you did well. I went the other route and picked up my Christmas Loot before Christmas.

  2. Sharp Practicer is fun. If I wasnt so heavily committed in 15mm Sci Fi and 20mm Modern - I'd go nuts with Sharp Practice and use it for Napoleonics, Crimea, Indian Mutiny and Zulu Wars.