Friday, 21 January 2011

Irregular Vietnam Village

The other part of my Christmas buy turned up at the start of the week - some Heroics and Ros WW2 Germans.  More on them in a coming post...
Here are some pics I took of the Irregular Minis 6mm Vietnamese Village.  It wasn't until I got it all out of the bag that I realised how much there was!
Here it is with all the various bits:
And here I have close-ups of all of the constituent parts.  I particularly like the little wagon.  All pictures (including the one above) should zoom when clicked.


  1. Can you please tell about the Irregulars miniatures quality? I'm thinking about picking their Vietnam range but I'm a little bit scary about how they will look next to GHQ perfects. To me Irregulars look awful on the fotos. And aren't they a little too tough?

  2. I think the Irregular stuff certainly has a reputation for being a bit rougher-looking, but painting up quite well. It certainly doesn't look as clean as the GHQ stuff.

    I don't have any of the GHQ stuff (too expensive), so I can't really compare for you. One thing I would note is that (according to the discussion on the 6mm Yahoo Group) the GHQ Vietnam Infantry are quite large - closer to 7-8mm, and so won't mix well with a lot of other ranges. I don't have any so I can't confirm.

    On the terrain front, some of the Irregular stuff needs a little clean-upof some flash, but generally I think it's pretty good. The exception here would be the houses on stilts, there appears to be some moulding issues around the doors and steps.

    I do have a number of items from the Irregular Vietnam Range pics are all here

    The three guys at the front in the title of my blog are Irregular Vietnam figures.