Friday, 7 January 2011

Slow Progress on the Paras

No navel-gazing on what happened in the last year, or what I'd like to do this year. You and I both know that it's tough to find the time to paint and game, and that I have a whole heap of things I want to game.  Lets move on!

My Christmas package from Maelstrom Games in the UK was delayed due to the heavy snows but finally arrived when I came back to work on Wednesday.  I picked up a hodgepodge of items; some dice and scenic materials, and my first ever batch of Vallejo paints.

My wife had offered to get me a voucher at the local Games Workshop for some more paint for Christmas, but a quick look at the AU retail prices of GW paint, vs the Maelstrom pricing on the Vallejo made the decision very easy.

I ordered individual pots of the paints that comprise the Battlefront British and German paint sets.  Unfortunately I have a habit of always missing one item whenever I order from Maelstrom.  In this case, I forgot the 983 Flat Earth, which is a key colour for the Denison Smocks of my Paras!  I have this coming soon, once my brother can escape the floodwaters around Rockhampton.

Rather than wait for the missing paint to turn up, I got started last night.  Only spent a few minutes, but I'm very happy with using the vallejo with a "wet palette" (another new experience for me - Thanks Thomas!)

I'm going to try to have most of the base uniforms painted (trousers and most of the denison smock) for the figures before the Flat Earth turns up to finish the smocks.  Thens it's just webbing, weapons, flesh and headgear to finish them!....


  1. Love your intro. Absolutely right too! who knows what the fuck this year will bring.

    I decided I was just setting myself up for failure and frustration if I laid down hard and fast goals.


  2. I have your flat earth along with your Christmas present. Will be down in a week or two once the water subsides enough for the bridges to re open again.

  3. @Mark - Too right!

    @Eltnot - My paras thank you.

  4. Looks like a great start. What rules are you using for 6mm?

  5. @Jon I'm planning on using IABSM up front, but also looking to try a few different systems. I'm really a 15mm gamer who can't afford the space, time or cash to game in 15mm. ;-)