Thursday, 25 October 2012

H&R WW2 British Infantry

Some quick pictures of the Heroics and Ros BR1 - British Infantry.
Five strips in the code, all identical.
 Detailed pictures of the infantry strips, front:
 and back:
I think that these could be used as infantry in bush hats as well, with some creative painting.


  1. I use H&R Confederate skirmishers for 20th century troops in bush hats - but the WWII British certainly paint up well as coolie-hat types, like my VC.

  2. Thanks A-Historian
    I actually purchased these for that very reason, to use as VC, on a recommendation online. I have some Confederate dismounted cavalry already and I have some Confederate skirmishers coming as part of an order from H&R that shipped earlier this week.
    The cavalrymen would be a good fit for the US Boonie Hat certainly. It was just the shape of the helmets here (particularly the reverse shot)that reminded me of the narrower brimmed bush hat typically used by Commonwealth forces in the era.
    Keen to get those skirmishers now and have a look!

  3. If you check out the 6mm Vietnam stuff on my blog and on Scrivsland, they are done with CSA and modern US for the ANZACs, and a mix of WWII British and Warpac Airborne for the VC.

    1. Thanks A-Historian!
      That does look quite nice.
      I am now more convinced.