Thursday, 11 October 2012

Irregular Miniatures for MicroDux - Romans Range Part III

Final pieces from the the Irregular Romans ranges - Cavalry Options!
I have been looking for good light cavalry models to suit what I have in mind for this period - spear/javelin with a shield and maybe a helmet with minimal body armour.  I think the Dacians below might be a good fit.

E24 - Celtic Light Cavalry

E25 - German, Gothic or Frankish Cavalry

E38 - Dacian Cavalry

 E14 - Palmyran Cavalry


  1. I am looking forward to see how you implement this on the table. I am using 15mm for Dux as is. I would love to see the modifications that you are doing for 6mm.

    1. Thanks Chris
      I think it will need some tinkering, so I need to get it on the table and playing to see how the radically different base widths vs. 28/15mm go.
      At the moment I'm looking at halving the playing surface to 3'x2' and either halving the distances or using cm in place of inches.