Monday, 15 October 2012

Heroics & Ros Modern German Support

While I wait for a sample of steel paper to arrive so that I can push ahead with my MicroDux basing, here is a quick post of the contents of the Heroics and Ros M9 Modern German Infantry Support.

There are 8 strips in the code, four each of the following two strips:

Observer, ATGM and crew, Man-pack SAM operator

Heavy Mortar, HMG, AT weapon

These were purchased to provide some support weapons to my Argentines for the somewhat languishing Falklands project.
I WILL get back to that soon (once I get over my Dux Britanniarum diversion)!


  1. That ATGM looks like the TOW that is from the Heroics & Ros modern American pack. I could be wrong here, but don't the Germans use the Milan, which is very different from the TOW?

  2. Chris
    I think you're right that that is a TOW.
    The Milan teams for the Germans are actually in the standard infantry pack. From memory there are nine. More detail at :