Thursday, 11 October 2012

Irregular Miniatures for MicroDux - Civilians Range

Final pics from my currently sampling of Irregular's ranges for my MicroDux project.
This time it's a range of their civilian figures that I'm planning on using for various bits and bobs.

CV4 - Druids

CV5 - Classical Civilians
For high class post-roman folks.  I think this is a miscast as the two figures on the right appear to be headless!  I'm going to order a couple more so we'll see how they come out.

CV6 - Barbarian Civilians
For more run-of-the-mill civilians in the Dux world.

CV7 - Dark Age Civilians
I think these may be a little to late in the period to be suitable for this project.

CV8 - Medieval/Renaissance Civilians
Too modern to be suitable here, but nice all the same.

And how do they match up against the H&R?
Comparison of Irregular CV6 (Barbarian Civilians) vs. Heroics&Ros MD4 (Saxon Fyrd)

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