Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Scotia Recoiless Rifle with H&R crew

One quick deviation before we jump into some more World War 2 models.
A while back I based up one of the larger (105mm-ish) Scotia Micromodels Recoiless Rifles with some Heroics&Ros WW2 US artillery crew (so sort of on track for the WW2 thing!).  This is again for my Argentine forces for the Falklands Project.

This shows the Scotia model a bit more clearly than some of my earlier shots.  I think they fit together quite well.


  1. Scotia has several different calibers of RRs. My problem has been finding crew for them.

    1. Chris
      I have two of their different RCLs now. This one and the smaller variety.
      I reckon the H&R WW2 artilery crews work pretty well with them. The challenge is when you run into something that you cannot easily convert from these ranges.
      I recently bought some other H&R stuff from their colonial ranges to see whether or not it could be addapted to mortar and RCL crews with a dab of paint. The same may be true for some of the ACW artilery as well...