Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tiny basing progress

I have knocked up three bases, one each for Elite, Warrior and Levy for my Romano British Dux Britanniarum forces, so that I can start to trial some paint schemes on them.
I've never tried to paint anything earlier than about 1939, so this will be interesting....
As you can see from the pics below I'm trialing the use of a grey primer this time around, as I'm worried that my usual black may drown the colour.

One major flaw with the basing as it stands at the moment is the fact that because the bottom sheet is also magnetic. I am having some pole-alignment issues where in certain spots the bottom sheet will repel certain figures rather than attract them.  I need to try to track down some unmagnetised sheet (steel paper or ferro sheet), but this is proving more difficult than I first thought...



    1. Thanks Mike
      I'll have to see how much the postage costs to get from the UK to Australia.
      I've managed to source a single sheet from an Australian source on eBay so that I can try to keep some momentum on this project, But it's dear as poison. If it works I'd like to get some volume as I think this could be a good solution for a number of projects.